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This course contains 22 modules of training slides and its materials to cover both competencies:-

1. Joget App Designer

2. Joget Developer

This course is suitable for wide spectrum of audience, from complete beginners to learn to build basic Joget app to advanced learners with topics covering system integrations, server management, plugin development etc.

This course has no access limit.

Course Content

Module 1:   1-Introduction to Joget

Module 2:   2-Setting up Joget

Module 3:   3-Designing your first Process

Module 4:   4-Localizing your Joget

Module 5:   5-Designing your first Form

Module 6:   6-Using your first Process Tool

Module 7:   7-Designing your first Datalist

Module 8:   8-Designing your first Userview

Module 9:   9-Hash Variable

Module 10:   10-Permission Control

Module 11:   11-SLA and Deadlines

Module 12:   12-Version Control

Module 13:   13-Improving your Form design and Presentation

Module 14:   14-Introduction to Reporting

Module 15:   15-Introduction to Plugin Architecture

Module 16:   16-Preparing Development Environment

Module 17:   17-Building Plugins

Module 18:   18-Integrating with External System

Module 19:   19-Doing more with your Process Design

Module 20:   20-Basic System Administration

Module 21:   21-Userview Key

Module 22:   22-Best Practices on Application Building

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